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I picked up this book by Rachel Barnes when I was 19, ever sinc then I have been fascinated by how Dali perfected realism and chiaroscuro at the age of 22. This lead me to creating a self competition in seeing how well I could face off against his piece. I forgot about this competition until 3 days before my birthday and instantly had to pursue it! I cut a wood panel the exact size as his and with oil produced this bottom painting in 3 days. I’ll admit his is better, BUT i read it took him 4 months, i wonder how good mine would have been if i remembered 4 months earlier. Haha So now i have turned 23 and fulfilled one o my aspirations and goals. It will certainly be a piece i will be proud of and a testament of my ambitions in life. #art #dali #ambition #competition #chiaroscuro #oldmasters #oilpainting #painting #stilllife #salvidordali #lifegoals #keithrichardgriffiths #lifegoalaccomplished

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